D&D West Marches 014: Miniquest - Death Tyrant

This one is going to be a small one since I was literally dragged into something I had no prior knowledge of and the entire thing was resolved pretty quickly. And also I need inspiration for a death fight happening tomorrow.

Bridges Rhinestone Jr. Lore Bard.
Lady Scarlett. Lore Bardlock.
REDACTED. Assassin Rogue.
Firion "Ride Together Die Together Bad Boys For Life". Illusionist Wizard.
J-Swaggums. Gun.
Vesh(Previously known as Bird Brain). Wild Magic Sexual Harasser.

The story picks off exactly where it should: The beginning. And in the beginning the party finds themselves in some ol' dingy dungeon or cave or some shit. There's apparently a Death Tyrant inside. And that's good enough. Bridges doesn't know what the fuck a Death Tyrant really is or what they can do, but he came along anyway because money isn't going to make itself.

So the party sits around for a little while and discusses amongst themselves about how to be stealthy and ambush the Death Tyrant. This thing is supposedly sealed in this tomb or wherever we are so Bridges is pretty sure once any door opens anywhere the creature will immediately spring into action but doesn't say anything because that's kind of the only plan anyone has right now. Though that's sorta kinda exactly what happens.

REDACTED, being a rogue needs as much advantage as he can get, so Bridges waited for a doorway to be made in the wall by a stoneshape or similar spell, and cast Greater Invisibility on REDACTED, allowing him to enter and be able to attack while invisible, taking advantage of his stealthy traits. Bridges thought that everyone else would rush in and attack the Death Tyrant, but it turns out, at least at first, everyone had the same idea as him: Stay the fuck away from that thing until it's dead.

So Bridges is in his hidey hole surrounded by other hidey holers and hoping to whatever god he believes in this Death Tyrant can't cast, like, Super Fireball or something and kill everyone at once. But thankfully that didn't happen, because soon into the battle people started leaving the hole and moving in to kill the shit out of this thing.

Bridges is a utility mage so he has quite a bit of things he can do, but most of them require concentration so he decided to support his party by keeping REDACTED invisible and not doing too much in the way of damage. Turns out, that wasn't a big deal at all because Jaquelanne runs in all piss and gnomish-vinegar with her Feyzer and starts gunning down this Death Tyrant and taking huge chunks out of it with each shot. Combined with everything else that's going on, this Death Tyrant is starting to look less "battled" and more "bullied". It was almost sad, if it's possible to feel sad for a large undead floating skull whose entire purpose is to kill things.

Eventually, the Death Tyrant was dead... again? For real? But that wasn't it for the battle, no, no no, because two vampire assholes(Seriously, why is it ALWAYS VAMPIRES!?) come shambling out of the darkness casting their goddamn magic at us like we care. They were talking something about "killing their god", or savoir, or other generic terms that cultists like to use to justify their meaningless lives.

Bridges takes this opportunity to leave his hidey hole and join the fray for real, while also keeping REDACTED invisible. Jaquelane immediately starts shooting at them and ruining their day. Bridges, not aware that Vesh(Previously known as Bird Brain) is actually in the way of his Lightning Bolt because he's covered by the darkness spell, so he does it anyway and blasts a Vampire in the face. Doesn't seem to do a lot because these asshole vampires are all the same.

This dumb asshole vampire kept talking shit, and when he was responded to would always reply the same way "No no no..." and follow it up with some shit, which was infuriatingly pretentious. Which isn't really out of the question when it comes to vampires to be fair but the party wasn't having it, so they kept on their assault, "no no no"ing included, until eventually the vampire... teleported everyone back to town, with all the loot they were interested in acquiring, a huge sum of gold, and a giant Death Tyrant Skull.

Some individuals in the party were not happy about the vampires somehow instantly swooshing them back home, so they went out in search for the vampires, spending three additional days traveling back to where they originally were to find them. Instead of finding the vampires they found a spooky house that the more you walk towards it the further away it appears.

Ultimately the group determined that they should probably go back to town to regroup since spending three days immediately rushing back here was probably a bad idea, and they took their collective loot and back home they went. They aren't really sure if there are any plans to return to that place, but they'll probably figure out something eventually.

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