Ad&Wannabe Episode 5: Meat Market

Welcome to the meet market on tonight's episode of Ad&Wannabe.

The Sad Boys return this week and set out on a journey of self discovery as the gang makes their way to the big city to save their lost friend, and hopefully avoid the corruption of drugs, sex and whatever equivalent there is to rock n' roll in the process.

 Upon leaving the Mayor's office and taking their giant bounty of gold and the deed to their nifty new settlement, Glar and Tug decided that it was probably time to tell Guin that Alaric had got got. They made their way to his workshop, thanked the still upset carriage driver for all of their troubles with housing a corpse for quite a few days, and retrieved the corpse buddy before heading inside. After some witty banter between the group, they decided to spill the beans to Guin.

Alaric was dead. He was a dumbass and he died. He literally would have survived to live a long wonderful life to tell the tales of his adventures to his children and his children's children. But he was pretty stupid and was evicted from life because of it.

Guin's curiosity got the better of him, and so he peeked under the bandages on Alaric's face, ruining the gentle repose spell, costing Glar another spellslot that didn't need to be sacrificed so early in the day, which was actually night. But he made up for that by suggesting that the clerics in this hodunk town aren't going to be able to solve anything, if we truly want to resolve this Alaric situation with him breathing at the end of it, then the only way we can do that is by heading to Gilramore, the capital city of the Duchy of Gilramore.

After tossing another Gentle Repose, they tried to make their way out to the city but ran into difficulties. They retrieved some funds from the stipend of five thousand gold to acquire horses, but were told that the carriage service would actually probably be the best course of action. So they decided to wait until tomorrow and hire a carriage. In the meantime, with some spare time to kill they talked over the prospect of actually looking around their settlement.

Still with no name to call it, the gang strolls up and takes a look. They get some handy info from the mayor prior to this and find that they are sitting on 600ft x 500ft of land. The area, unkempt and overgrown, the houses, downtrodden and dilapidated. The land was a little bigger than Tug was expecting, but he definitely didn't anticipate the river that runs straight through the middle of the settlement. The river itself isn't too big, but it is a neat addition to the place.

They spend some time checking out the place and Tug already has ideas on how to turn this settlement into a fortress, where to build the walls, guard posts, barracks, mess hall, the massive building he wants erected in the middle of the settlement for their secretive clandestine operations. No one else really had much to contribute to that conversation strangely enough, and then they made their way back so they could rest for the adventure that tomorrow brings.

Up bright and early, Guin still has the money ready to go and they acquire a carriage driver. They are told that it will take about 10 or so days travel to get there as it is very far away. It was a very disappointing turn of events for Tug, as his blacksmith extraordinaire friend Yank was set to arrive any day now to refine a forge to properly refine the Mithril. But duty calls and the team has sworn a vow to save Alaric. So Yank, the Mithril, and their settlement will have to wait.

They leave the giant mound of mithril back at Guin's along with the chest of gold. Glar does some spooky magic on it to keep it safe, implying that whoever opens the chest is going to have a very bad day. With mostly all bases covered, they hop in the carriage and set off for Gilramore.

The journey lasts quite a while, lasting 8 days before they get to the small town of Terrace Hill just a few days away from Gilramore. They mill around town for a few hours. Tug checks out some nearby Ranger's and after verbally flailing about for a while he managed to convince one of the nearby ranger's, strangely named Urine, to come and work for him in the fight against evil.

After this, Guin decided to pester some poor fletcher for information on theoretical physics for roughly 35 minutes. After making no meaningful progress, he decided to fire off his weapon towards some poor person's house, blasting a hole in the side of it. Thankfully no one was inside or they risked having an impromptu meeting with Alaric. He paid for his mess, then scurried off to do other things.

Once their adventure in the town had concluded, they continued off to Gilramore.

They arrived in roughly 2 more days time to one of the largest cities they've seen in a while. The streets were absolutely teeming with people, shoulder to shoulder in traffic density. No wagons or carts were permitted to ride in some of the streets, to the carriage driver pulled off into a carriage park area thing I don't really remember what it's called but they pulled in there. Tug whipped out Alaric's body which is wrapped in a sheet, with the intention of carrying him down to the big boy clergy school, but Guin pointed out that there were carts you could rent that would be a lot more suitable than carrying a corpse in public.

Now wheeling the corpse of Alaric through the big city, they find directions to a large temple. Upon entering the temple, they can immediately spot the entire pantheon of worshiped gods all around the room. Even the spooky evil ones. In the middle of the room there is a man on stage saying his godly stuff to the people who came to hear it.

All the group was able to think about however, was saving their friend Alaric. Tug too, except he also wanted to know why Vecna had a place at this temple along with all of the rest of the gods, and what the sales pitch for him would be. Unfortunately he didn't get the chance to hear it as there were no worshipers of Vecna nearby.

But once this man on high was done with his sermon he began greeting people nearby, including the Sad Boys. After talking for a minute or two, the man, now named Narvy, High Cleric of Gilramore of the Duchy of Gilramore, he agreed to see what he could do about the resurrection of Alaric. He told the group to follow him, lead them to a very pristine chamber with a specialized table of some sort in the middle. The room was a very smooth stone, no imperfections to be found. Tug, the Dwarf, was able to surmise that this stone was most likely created magically, or at least carved magically, as it was in such incredible shape.

Narvy, High Cleric of Gilramore of the Duchy of Gilramore asked Glar if he wished to stay and lend a hand with the process, as it would be very strenuous. Glar agreed, being the beacon of shining hope in Sad Company. Narvy, High Cleric of Gilramore of the Duchy of Gilramore told the group that the cost of such a process would be high. For their wallets and for Glar in particular. Helping the process would be very costly on him, though he wasn't aware just how much it would take from him.

Sad Boys paid the cost in gold(Or, at least, platinum) and thus Narvy, High Cleric of Gilramore of the Duchy of Gilramore went to retrieve a diamond of the appropriate value. Once returning, the process was set to begin. Guin had decided to leave around this time to explore the city and also check out their giant Ballista's and to presumably question about theoretical physics. Tug stayed in the room with Glar and Narvy, High Cleric of Gilramore of the Duchy of Gilramore to observe the affects of this magic.

It was very intense to say the least. Heaving and hoing of magic and emotion as Narvy, High Cleric of Gilramore of the Duchy of Gilramore and Glar swayed their magical bodies to the rhythm of magic, leaving a substantial toll on Glar's mental state. Every 10 minutes of the 1 hour duration causing more and more duress. Glar did his best to stave off a large part of it but still suffered greatly. After the 1 hour duration was up, and the magic had done it's deed, the lifeless body of Alaric had taken his first breath in either nearly or exactly 12 days.

Tug was relieved. Alaric was confused. Glar was completely exhausted almost to death. Guin was arguing to the cold cuts merchant about how to put spin on his bullets.

Sad boys had returned to its original capacity, and the bleak outlook once again turned to slightly less bleak. With Glar and Alaric needing bed rest for the foreseeable future, Tug and Guin have free reign to tug at the confines of Gilramore, capital city of the Duchy of Gilramore. Who knows what our Sad Boys will get up to next week, but for now, meet markets.

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