Last time on A-D-n-wanna-Be (Introducing Sad Company)

Artists rendition of Sad Company

Last time on AD&Wannabe, or I guess first time. Since this was the first session.

The Concept
A customized 5e ruleset with the intention of making all of the player decisions when it came to combat carry a heavy weight and a set of characters that are living breathing members of the world.

Brought together by a common love of poker and friendship go on a trip to help out a nearby mining community.

Concept: A custom world where there's no monsters or glaring evil is being stirred up by a bunch of strange events. Between the brutal ruleset and brutal encounters I expect my players to stress over every little decision. To enforce this I have the players come to really be attached to their characters by making them share bonds with each other and play by these bonds. All combat is dangerous, every conversation has consequences and the end of the world is coming.
-The Dungeon Master
The Party

Tug(Hey that's me), the Dwarf Barbarian, Guin, the Human Gunslinger, Alarric, the Human Rogue, and Glar, the Half-Elf Cleric, meet each other in the city of Lilyport.

The Background

Tug, an infantryman in the Royal Dwarven Division of the Crimson Blades. Was new to this city once. Drawn in for being different, drawn in for offering opportunities a veteran Dwarf couldn't find back home. A new life. And when you live as long as Dwarves do, that's an interesting proposition, one that's hard to turn down. He came into the servitude as the personal guard of the Mayor of Lilyport, Bale. First name, last name, not important. Tug does the work.

Guin, the Human Gunslinger, acts as a all purpose engineer. Tinkering big projects here, fixing small appliances there. When it comes to mind over matter, Guin is the one the citizens of Lilyport look to. Leaving behind a dark past and secrets of his own, he hopes to overcome the sense of guilt that shadows him everywhere he goes, coming to Lilyport in search of a new life.

Alaric, The Rogue, descendant of a defunct nobility though his attitude reflects otherwise, spends his time on a ship, where his travels often venture into criminal territories. Back in town, his travels lead to even more criminal territories. No one knows what he really wants, same thing as always maybe, work hard, live well, and retire rich.

Glar, a Cleric of the life domain. While he was still young, the cleric found a series of books written in a foreign, forgotten languages. With no record of what they were for or where they even came from. After years of study, he learned of these languages, and now wishes to understand their origin. He now spends his days working as a Cleric in Lilyport.

The Session

After a friendly round of poker between the party, a series of low rolls sets the stage for anyone to take the pot, but after a clutch slightly-higher-than-average roll from Guin, he takes a tidy sum of silver and pride. After that, our band of adventurers took a job to go help the nearby mining colony Rosemountain with a cave in. Upon setting out, they rented a donkey.

After wandering a certain amount of time, they made camp. The peace did not last. Wolves descended upon the camp.  After suffering several blows, the wolves were defeated. Tug, the taught Dwarf Barbarian suffered a lasting injury, with the potential to kill. He shivered and shook all night, and his max HP was ultimately reduced.

The party came to a temporary huff and words were slung like steel, but ultimately their friendship held true, and persisted in the face of great adversity.

Our heroes arrived in Rosemountain in the late hours of the night, seeking refuge from the harsh conditions that they had faced. Upon meeting Irene, they were accepted and allowed to sleep inside on the bedrolls they provided. Their rest was interrupted by an earthquake that shambled the entire building, but not enough to cause any lasting damage. The party then went back to sleep.

Upon waking up with a laundry list of objectives, the party split. The Cleric, Glar, and the Rogue, Alaric, went to check up on the wounded. What they found was pretty rough, including one person who was suffering the effects of gangrene and knocking on deaths door. The other half of the party, intelligent Dwarf, Tug, and incredible gunslinger Guin made their way to the sight of a recent cave in at the mine.

After learning about the scenario they began to help out. The Cleric and Rogue began to help heal the wounded, the Barbarian and Gunslinger began to help in the mines. After a mostly full day of healing and clearing rocks, the team arrived at an impasse. Guin, the human gunslinger decided to stay and help out in the mine, using his cunning intellect improving working conditions of the mine. The other 3, Tug, Glar, and Alaric decided to take the man who was almost dead, Andre, back to Lilyport with the intent on healing him magically.

The entire party agreed, and after a few days of travel and a few days of intelligent design, Andre and Tug were restored to former glories, and the Rosemountain mine was enhanced by the superior engineer Guin. And as for Tug, upon requesting some sort of papers to show his mayoral patronage, was given the badge of Guard Captain Andeen, who, by the way, was not pleased with this. Tug has promised not to abuse his newfound power.

With their newfound livelihoods restored, the 3, including Andre, began to head back to Rosemountain, but not before accepting the reward for helping out there. They were awarded 200 gold for a job well done, but to this group, the job wasn't quite over. Along the way, the party, even such distances apart, couldn't help but notice that as the night drew closer, the light did not fade. Upon inspecting the sky, they all noticed a large object, 20 or so times larger than a regular star, burning in the sky, illuminating everything as if it were day, and then vanished.

Guin, the superior engineer began making serious revisions to the mining system, making clearing the rubble from inside more expeditious than ever. That is when the party reconnected. After re-introducing the dying man back home, they had planned to put all of their heads together and look for survivors deep inside of the mine.

To Be Continued...

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