Words That Haven't Yet Found A Place To Live

I'm moving. Staying with family at the moment. Internet is extremely slow. Dearly miss fiberoptic internet. Hate living like a peasant. Somehow can't type normally. 5MBS making my brain slow down. Will be posting a lot more soon, as MGSV comes out. I will have a lot to say then.

Bear with me. I want to ramble on the internet as well. I just need a little more time... Also I don't have a chair or anything to sit in so typing for any length of time is damn near impossible. I'm burning just writing this.

See you guys and gals soon!

My name is Ryan. I like to play video games and Dungeons and Dragons and all kinds of other cool stuff. I also like to write. This is my website, it's nothing special, but I write about topics from time to time that probably make no sense. But if you think they do make sense, then hang around and check out some other articles. My friends call them "blogs" but goddamnit I've got a URL and everything, so they're "articles".

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