Mankind Divided, but not over the new Deus Ex

He's back, bitches!
Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a first-person role playing game set in a not-so-distant cyberpunk future. Released in August 2011, it starred Adam Jensen, director of security for Sarif Industries. In the opening scene of the game, Sarif Industries is attacked and Jensen is severely injured, only to be put back together using state of the art cybernetic enhancements, called "augments".

The game was actually the third game in the Deus Ex franchise, being a prequel to the first game by about 20-25 years in the timeline.

In Human Revolution, you use explore the world around you and complete missions as well as side missions in order to level up and upgrade your augments. Doing so allows you to grow your skill set and allow you to tackle different situations in a plethora of ways. For example, upgrading your hacking skills allow you to hack higher level security systems, which then give you options like turning off cameras and allow you pass by unseen, or things like hack turrets and turn them on their friends and thin the heard a bit.

By and large it was a stealth game, but like many other stealth games, it allowed you to pick up a machine gun and shoot hundreds of faceless enemies in their... faces. Of course, it made the game a lot more challenging as you can die very fast, even with the appropriate health upgrades.

It was a throwback to the games of old that allowed you to do an impressive number of things and get around in ways that most games probably wouldn't let you.

Regardless of the praise I sing, the game did have issues. For example, with the fact the game gave you so many options to deal with just about anything, the boss battles somehow didn't manage to leave up to the rest of the game. The battles involved simple acts of shooty-shooty until they were dead, and that's how it went even if you were doing a no-kill playthrough.

They did eventually fix the boss battles as best as they could with the Director's Cut version of the game, which allowed you to use your abilities to their full potential against said bosses and do things like: Hack turrets, flood the room with poisonous gasses which hurt the boss, and more. It also featured a number of changes for the game as well as bug fixes.

The endings of the game were also extremely weak. At the end of Human Revolution you go to this insane control board where you have 4 options, 2 of which are completely stupid so fuck that noise and the other 2 pretty much lead to the world you can find in the first Deus Ex game. And once you make your choice, you sit through an FMV of the ocean or some shit and Jensen waxes poetically about how fucked up everything is, which may or may not be your fault. Whatever.

I really loved this game. It resonated well with me as a fan of stealth games, games with gravelly voiced main characters, and games set in a cyberpunk world. It also resonated well with me as I played this game during a particularly rough time in my life that I desperately needed an escape from. And Human Revolution gave me that escape.

And so once the game was released, played to death and done with, the first thing I(And many others) wanted to know: Where's the sequel?

That answer was reveled just yesterday, when Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was leaked onto the internet.

Thank god I installed that rebreather augmentation or Jensen would be fucked
Then of course the game was formally announced, and even included a trailer!

Humanity Divided takes place 2 years after the events of Human Revolution, where the disastrous Panchea incident caused the death of millions of people. Society is now divided between people who have augments and people who don't.

The game stars Adam Jensen once again, now empowered with new abilities that gives him and the player a sense of greater control as they navigate new environments in the game.

Various factions from all over are now twisting information and bending the truth about augmentation to further their own goals and hide the truth about what really happened., using the emotional turmoil to their advantage.

The press release reads:
As social and political tensions reach a major turning point, Jensen and conspiracies surrounding the Illuminati continue toward an inevitable crossroads … and possibly, an epic showdown..

Mankind Divided is being powered by Square Enix's new and powerful Dawn Engine, which, right now, is being used exclusively for the Deus Ex IP, which they refer to as the Deus Ex "Universe".

The leaked information about Mankind Divided shared quite a bit of information.

Jensen is now in a squad called Task Force 29.

  • You can now fight bosses with other tactics in mind, like stealth.
  • The developers did not say which endings are considered canon, though in the trailer Jensen can be heard saying his decision failed.
  • The plot will be built into the events that occur in the first Deus Ex game.
  • "Equal rights: Now the game will be more opponents of women."
  •  Eidos promises that the A.I. will be very intelligent. 
  • There will be twice the augmentations of Human Revolution.
There were more, so go ahead and check out the link to see for yourself.

See guys, smoking does make you look cooler!
The release date is currently unknown, but I am absolutely excited to dive back into the world of Deus Ex.

In the not so quite words of Adam Jensen, I did ask for this. Over and over again. For 4 years. Many many years. So many times.

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